Ann Eubank
Ann Eubank for State School Board District 3

About Ann Eubank

Ann Eubank was born and raised in Alabama. With an educational background in nursing and political science, her life’s work has always focused on education, fiscal integrity and caring for others at home and in the community.

Ann Eubank began her career working for Jefferson County Schools as a kindergarten and substitute teacher in order to spend more time with her young children. She later worked in legal and accounting firms including Ernst & Young. She worked for 14 years as assistant to the controller at MedManagement in Liberty Park.

Ann retired in 2009 to become a citizen activist against Common Core. In 2010 she became one of the first Heritage Action Sentinels, traveling to DC to speak about the future consequences of national standards. 

In 2013, Ann was elected chair of the Alabama Legislative Watchdogs. Since then, she has devoted herself to activism on the state and national level. In 2016 she represented the Ted Cruz campaign in the Southeast and was a delegate in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention. 

Through these efforts as well as her work for the Mo Brooks senatorial campaign (2018) and role as policy advisor for the Tim James for Governor campaign (2020), education has been a focus. After years of working through citizen activism, Ann Eubank is ready to work within the system to accomplish more critical change.

When Ann isn’t fighting for education in our state, she enjoys sharing its beaches with friends and family. She and her husband of 55 years, Jim, live in Hoover, Alabama. She has two daughters and two grandchildren and is proud that her entire family has attended public school.